FRI & SAT LUNCH // ALl DAy Sunday

5 Courses - £25pp
Matching Wine - £30pp
Snacks - £7pp

Rewinding back to a Sunday in March 2023, Modou and the team at 111 awoke to the news and foodies across the UK & afar praising Total Trust.

Renowned food critic Jay Rayner, surprised us with a visit not too long before and well, his feedback was astounding.

“...a banging recipe for a great restaurant. I put my total trust in him and his team.”

Now, a year later, we invite you to become the food critic yourself — bringing back the 5-courses Jay Rayner enjoyed himself! Keeping with the allure of Total Trust these dishes will remain a mystery to you.

We're asking you to put your Trust in Modou and the team again but this time we're asking you to become the critic! We can’t wait for you to take on the challenge and indulge in our Total Trust: The Critics Choice menu, that is Jay Rayner approved.

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This will begin on Sunday 21st April